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Used for stowing, retention, pull-backs, catapults, suspensions and damping, the field of application of SANDOW TECHNIC products is unlimited.

Examples of strap, webbings and sling applications :
- industrial and craft sectors : handling, fixing, tightening
- Automotive engineering: seats
- Transport
- Construction
- Sports and leisure activities.

Examples of SANDOW AVIA shock cord applications :
- Aerospace: catapult, springs, pull-backs, damping
- Weapons: attachment...
- Automobiles: catapults for crash tests, pull-backs, attachments
-Deep-sea work
- Industry: springs, load retention, attachment, vibration damping, fall damping, stowing

Examples of Sandow shock cord applications :
- Design, decoration: chairs, furniture,
- Advertising, POS material
- Industry: automatic doors, maintenance, handling, car bodies, saddlery
- medicine

Examples of standard Sandow shock cord applications :
- sports,
- swimming pool covers,
- camping,
- sailing,
- fishing

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