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Founded in 1963, Sandow Technic specializes in the manufacture of made-to-measure 1 to 40 mm diameter industrial elastic shock cords (also called bungee cords), as well as straps, belts and slings.

SANDOW has become , in over 40 years time, a benchmark reference.
Our close collaboration with customers in fields including civil and military aviation, aeronautical engineering, automotive engineering, sport, arms production, deep-sea, naval and mechanical engineering and medicine enabled us to acquire real market expertise and a legitimate claim to be "must" specialists in elastic shock cords, straps, belts and slings for industrial applications.

Our shock cords have always been active partners in the outstanding achievements of customers like EADS (Airbus), Dassault, SNCF (French Rail), Thalès (Thomson), EDF (The French Electricity Utility), the CEA (The French Atomic Energy Commission), Renault and Zodiac, to name but a few...


SANDOW TECHNIC is a driving force in two main areas :

1. The SANDOW AVIA range meeting aviation standards -
    a benchmark reference for quality.
2. The adaptation of this range to industry with ready-made
    and custom-made assemblies

SANDOW TECHNIC is still today the only company in France supplying industrial shock cords, in particular ring-shaped shock cords, to the aircraft industry. Once established in this highly demanding market, we diversified into other sectors by careful analysis of market needs, particularly those of small and medium size companies.
SANDOW TECHNIC is now recognized as an expert company with products totally adapted to the needs of its customers.
Ten years ago we further diversified into a new straps, belts and slings line fully meeting market expectations.

SANDOW TECHNIC is certified to ISO 9001 / Version 2015 standards.

*A Sandow is an elastic shock cord made up of several natural rubber or elastomer strands inside a braided textile sheath. Sandows are also called bungee cords, tensioners, elastic cables, etc.

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