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SANDOW TECHNIC skills enable us to make standard and customized products in small to medium production runs.

Our unique know-how means we can propose made-to-measure strap, sling and shock cord solutions to our customers for whatever they want to use them.
After defining all the details of stresses, strains and technical specifications with your procurement and/or R&D department, we contribute to the preparation of a plan and make a prototype, if necessary, before manufacturing your product.
We can even make a "one-off" item for a single, specific need.

All our bungee cord assemblies can be supplied in two different qualities of elastic cable: AVIA quality, meeting the aerospace standards and CURRENT quality.

All the end-fittings we supply can be fitted to both shock cords qualities.

Our polypropylene, polyester, cotton or PVC strap, belt , webbings and sling assemblies comply with the plans developed with our customers. Widths available range from 8 to 120 mm. Products can be printed to order. A wide choice of fastening systems is available


All our shock cord, strap, belt and sling assemblies are rigorously tested before leaving our workshops.

The force behind technology : Harnessing and optimizing all the natural properties of rubber, SANDOW TECHNIC's multi-strand shock cords are made from natural rubber or elastomer composites. Enclosed in one or two braided sheathes, a wide range of fittings can be attached to enable a host of applications. We are the only company in France supplying elastic shock cords to industry and in particular ring-shaped shock cords for the aeronautical industry.

Proven safety : To meet every safety requirement, all SANDOW TECHNIC AVIA shock cords are rigorously inspected and tested with an electronic dynamometer before leaving our workshops.
Simple, effective, highly reliable and rupture-proof, unlike springs, SANDOWS TECHNIC's products are unequalled whenever safe technology is the main factor in choosing a supplier.

SANDOW TECHNIC is certified to ISO 9001/Version 2015 standards.

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