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SANDOW AVIA technical elastic shock cords, also called bungee cords, are designed to meet aviation standards., particularly French aerospace ASNA standards.
Force /extension properties are guaranteed for a given diameter and a given elongation. (maximum 100%)
Shock cords from 4 to 30 mm in diameter will resist tractive forces of 1 to 400 daN respectively.
SANDOW AVIA technical elastic shock cords are made from multiple strands of first grade natural rubber.
They are wrapped in a polyamide sheath up to dia. 7, and in a double cotton and polyamide textile sheath, braided around the core, for the upper diameters.

Sandow AVIA specifications:
- maximum elongation: 100%
- recommended elongation in service : 20 to 80% of the initial useful length (forces < 20% and >80% are indicative).

- Force resistance, measured on an electronic dynamometer and recorded on the third tractive effort, must correspond to the force graphs with a tolerance of � 15%.
Ask for our force graphs
- Dimensions are checked before stretching with a tolerance of �3%

Storage Conditions:
- in a dry and draught-proof warehouse
- at a moderate ambient temperature all year round
- in 10 years, shock cords lose approximately 25% of their initial force..

Utilization Conditions:
- AVIA shock cord service life primarily depends on its conditions of use : frequency, elongation, climatic conditions, etc�
- Resistance to cold and heat : made from natural rubber, shock cords are sensitive to extreme temperature variations.

Warning! To prevent injury, never brutally release a bungee cord that is under tension.

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