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- Current quality shock cords (also called bungee cords): diameter 2 to 20 mm, with approximately 100% elongation, are available in a choice of cotton, polyamide, polyester, polyethylene and polypropylene braided fabric sheathes. The outer sheath is usually braided, but can also be supplied knitted.

- Shock cords with special elastic cables : to order, SANDOW TECHNIC manufactures special elastic shock cords with up to 250% elongation, or to meet specific force resistance or specific environmental needs (temperature, brine, chemicals�).

All our elastic shock cords can be purchased "per metre".

Storage Conditions:
- in a dry and draught-proof warehouse
- at a moderate ambient temperature all year round
- in 10 years, shock cords lose approximately 25% of their initial force..
Utilization Conditions:
- shock cord service life primarily depends on its conditions of use : frequency, elongation, climatic conditions, etc�
- Resistance to temperature : made from natural rubber, shock cords are sensitive to extreme temperature variations.

Warning! To prevent injury, never brutally release a bungee cord that is under tension.

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